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Tomoco Iwai - Japan


 Tomocomo (Panorama Records / Shamanarchy) Tomocomo started her career in 2008. She joined Panorama Records in 2010 and appeared in the party "Let There Be Light" that Psilosiva hosted in Israel.

 Her world view of music came from experience of classic piano since childhood. She spins tracks with a unique feel with deep comforting sound. Her daily pursuit of mid-1990's sound has the intention of producing a total spiritual space.

 She also plays Chillout sets in a healing manner with the feeling of floating skyward.She organizes the party called "Shamanarchy" in Japan with Goa trance band Jikooha.She is also making her original Goa trance and Ambient tracks. One of her tracks is included in 'VA - Limitless Universal Waves' from Goalogique Records.

Japan flag
V.A. Limitless Universal Waves album cover
Goalogique Records
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