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Sasa Nikolajevic


Kula, Serbia


Long ago, when he was little, he was also then making mixes, and creating. His first song was made in a PSX game „Music 2000“ – as an inspiration for happenings in life. After a short break, he started a project called Ultimate Transmission, but after almost 4 years of production and DJ-ing in local cities, he decides to start his own project. After many singles, he creates an album called „Well of dreams“ in the year 2012. Dionitrix is a Producer, DJ and a remixer. He has a sofisticated style, and that is how his music differs from other excplicitely commercial musical genres. His style varries from progressive to goa trance, from morning to dark. He is planning to release many more albums and is working on couple vs projects with many local artists after a period of 1 year. His goal is to leave a trail for the others to be inspired about.

Serbia flag
V.A. Limitless Universal Waves album cover
Goalogique Records
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