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Jennis Kempenstad


 As a multi-instrumentalist i like to discover many kinds of musical forms, i grew up with music and it's covering most of my life as a human being.

In the first place I play the violin and the piano, but I have sense to play several other kinds of instruments to's all about feeling and inspiration.

after years of classical music education I started to appreciate and explore electronic and experimental music. (Aphex Twin, Autechre, Boards of Canada, Amon Tobin, Goa Trance,...)

 Some messing with Fruity Loops in the early years i became more attracted to hardware, oscillators and drum machines. First basics I've learned in an MC303 and still learning a lot after almost 4 years. these days I'm creating in an MC 909 and ableton mastering.

Allways willing to go further and further in the endless tunnel of sound and never stops.

Together with a friend I do 'Lenistwo'. (Synchronising MC 303-MC 505-MC 307-MC 909). It's a combination of two creative souls.

We do it because it's fun and because it sounds. though we are still on a path of learning and discovering, that gives a boost to do better and better. and share more and more sounds to the world :-).

I'm very thankfull for having these opportunities and the talent to make things.

Music is everything.    Jennis.







V.A. Astronot album cover
Goalogique Records
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