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Joseph Mc Donough

Stockholm, Sweden


 Joseph McDonough is a 36 years old producer from sweden . He `s been producing goatrance since 1995. He fell in love with the goatrance with artist like Miranda, Astral Projection, Phoenix, GMS , Man With No Name . Growing up with ths sound he started of on a journey to find his own sound , but still remaining in the Goatrance .20 years later Joseph got signed to a recorded label in Turkey Called Ezel-Ebed Records. This swedish Goatrance producer combines the oldschool sound of Goa with the modern sounds . He is quiet uniq for his style .
 Loads of melodies and fat basses is one of the signatures for Joseph McDonough


He has released on a VA called Spiritual Rising

 And h
e released his debut Album Called

BirthLifeAndDeath thru Climactic Records 2013


Sweden flag
V.A. Limitless Universal Waves album cover
Goalogique Records
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