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Nadav Kahanowich


Hasharon, Israel


Nadav Dov Kahanowich, 23 Years old, from Israel.Grew up in a musical home where both his parents encouraged him in creating & experience different genres of music. when turned 11 a friend showed him the world of electronic production and since then he is creating & composing electronic music in a large variety of musical genres.

 Known for two main projects:
1) NK-47 - Goa trance, ambient & chill out
2) KahanoBeats - For Dubstep, Drum & Bass and Orchestral
Nadav took part in various project such as: Art from the Heart parts 1 & 2, Goatronika, Erta Ale and more.
In addition, has released an EP in 2009 called "Outer Space Shaman".
Kahanobeats on Facebook -
NK47 on Facebook :
Nadav on SoundCloud -

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V.A. Limitless Universal Waves album cover
Goalogique Records
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