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Goalogique Records Presents

Gold Series : GRGS006


 Oriba Tiwa Project cover

Release Date: 04/08/2014


 Oriba Tiwa Project

 Oriba Tiwa means abundant joy in the Brazilian native indian language.

This musical project believes in the enjoyment as the primary creative force in the universe and Goa Trance sound as its musical expression.


This time logique Records presents a very strong sound from Japan. Oriba Tiwa Project is the name of the album. Minomar shows to us one carnival sound. There are a lot of different stories in Goa Trance ambience,  and they brings us inside of the Trance.

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01. Alien Visit


02. Aurora Borealis


03. Bliss Of Kundalini Rising


04. Buildings Blocks Of life


05. Coming Home


06. Cosmic Seeds


07. Destination Orion


08. Fire Rock Water And Spirit (Jikooha remix)


09. Fire Rock Water And Spirit (Minomar mix)


10. Gate To The Psychedelic Dimension


11. Message From The Sun


12. Celestial Orbit


13. Morning Greeting To The Sun


14. Oriba Tiwa


15. PSYcle Of Life


16. Shamanic Chanting


17. Superstring Theory


18. Up To The Stratosphere


19. Vision Of Fractals


20. Voices Of The Cosmic Entities



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