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Lunar Dawn

Kristijan Ilisinovic - Sasa Precanica


Sisak, Croatia

 Lunar Dawn is a joined project of two music enthusiasts,Kristijan Ilisinovic and Sasa Precanica.  Grewing up together they developed there senses for music and after millenium started to make music by themselves, but seperately in first! After some time learning of how things work they had their first gig in their hompelace in youth club Skwhateach playing his own music in one output!

 In 2008. Kristijan started the Lunar Dawn project releasing unofficialy The Run for Neogoa Entities netlabel! Beacuse of their common sense and love for music,soon after Kristijan invited Sasa to play live with him on Lunar Dawn's first open air, beacuse they alway played live before but different genres,and also to join in production! So the rumble started and they played some good gigs like Kula,Goa Beach,Connection 2012 (Spain), La Belle Etoile Open Air 2 (France).

 Also in free time they organise events in youth club Skwhat in Sisak called Genesis.

 Musical output of Lunar Dawn is unique and energy filled goa trance with no regular basslines and synths,always starting something new in songs without limits and templates!

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V.A. Limitless Universal Waves album cover
Goalogique Records
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