Quentin Poure - Versailles, France


I'm Quentin, I live in Versailles, in France. After 5 or 6 years passed listening Thrash and Death Metal bands like Metallica, or Cannibal Corpse, I discovered Electronic Music at my first Hardcore / Tribe free party, in 2012. After that, a friend of mine showed me some Goa Trance DJs like Filteria, Green Nuns of the Revolution, or Electric Universe, and I found them really awesome, like something I had to discover really deeply. So, I downloaded Fruity Loops Studio, and I decided to make some Goa Trance music by myself, because I like to make music, as simply as this !My first objective was to produce Goa trance, but I diversified myself in Dark and Hi-Tek Trance, and now I begin to make some Hardcore/Frenchcore music.

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