Ancient Alien

Luiz Fernando Wilhelm started to listen Trance at the age of 14, feeling a different sensation from the others genres of music and electronic music. At age of 19 started to went to trance parties, including Universo Paralelo in Brazil where he learned much more about Psytrance music, genres, styles. But he got fully enloved with the psychedelic, melodic and ancestral sound feeling (in his words) of Goa Trance genre.In mid of 2010 started to learn how to produce his own songs on softwares, with difficulty. But only in mid of 2011 and the beginning of 2012, he understood how Psytrance music works, and how to create them.In the beginning, tried traditional Psytrance, but it wouldn't fit his style, the passion was with Goa trance, so he went forward producing Goa Trance and that was his sound, and the artistic name Ancient Alien came after it.