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Robert Kijanka - Kleszczewko, Poland


"GoaKaniu is Robert Kijanka, young, Trance music lover from Poland. He is a beginner producer of Goa Trance music. Other subgenres of Trance is not strange to him.

 He starts his travel with Goa Trance at 2012 year. At the past, he enjoy of the Uplifting/Emotional Trance or Classic Trance music, but when he discover a underground sound - Goa Trance, he starts interested this music and associated with this music stuff. He understand that the listening to this music is not enough, so he starts to create his own tracks and now he try to create his own style. For first, the most important thing to him in Trance music is MELODY - he loves a melodic Goa, space and fancy, sour, oriental sound with some crazy acid sounds, which are able to move a listener to another dimension. Mainly he loves Goa Trance, Psychedelic, Nitzhonot and Psybient sounds, but also he enjoy a many other genres/subgenres like Uplifting Trance, Oldschool Trance or Acid, Neo Trance. "

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V.A. Psychedelicus album cover
V.A. Limitless Universal Waves album cover
Goalogique Records
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