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 Jerome Lesterps
    Orléans, France

 Jerome, aka Proxeeus, randomly discovered Goa Trance in the late '90s, while browsing an mp3 collection on his computer, and finding a track by the legendary act "Astral Projection", Aurora Borealis - and immediately fell in love with the style.


 Fast forward 10 years later, in 2010. One night, after having more or less listened to every gem the old-school artists produced years ago, he wanted more of the same, and sat down at his computer, wondering how the hell this music genre is actually made anyway...and that's how his project started.


 Even though he started literally from nothing and accepted the fact that this hobby would be quite a lonely adventure, because he didn't know anybody who shared the same passion & excitement for this kind of music, he discovered by chance that Goa Trance parties actually happened more or less every week-ends not too far from home, in Belgium, and started attenting said parties in 2014.


 Since then, he's been having fun doing some sonic nonsense, tweaking knobs, and making great friends in the process!


 His favorite electronic artists are Prana, the Green Nuns of the Revolution, Solar Quest, and E-Mantra." 

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