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JoYfull NaTiveS

JoYfull NaTives
 Alchemists of Sound, Skywalker (Nelson) and Japa (Joana)
were United in a Cosmic Joyful Conspiracy Each one connected To the psychedelic travelling mode since the begin of 2000, as searchers on the highway, dance in on it, playing tunes and producing ambient for the magical flight In 2011 the seed bloom, the join of the musical knowledge of one part gather the psychedelic creation touch of the other putting this duo of galactic souls spreading their sound share Throughout production of Goa melodies and psychedelic waves, this cosmic seed of sounds, connect the spiral of dance into the time & space with the trance traveller experience.

Oneness Vibration ॐ JoyFull Natives










"Love all of creation. Join the dance of light, the fundamental constant of nature, and shine forth the clarity of your true essence. There is great power in simply identifying with the light: "As above, so below." You are in God, and God is in you. Make no mistake: great change is seeded by conscious dreamers who understand and know that they are co-creating the larger dream. I am the darkness that is the light and the stillness that is the dancing."

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